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Close-up magic is the perfect ice-breaker. Our magicians will leave your guests amazed, amused and entertained in equal measure with their spellbinding magic performed at close quarters. Or why not round your event off with a cabaret spot from the stage or another suitable setting? From the well known to the up and coming, we can find a suitable magician for your event, from a Charity Ball to a Family Fun Day.

Nic Picot has an extraordinary ability to blend with his audience and make them enjoy his magic. Nic is great at tailoring his magic to reinforce and illustrate features & benefits, thus ideal for your conference or product launch. Itís no wonder his clients make repeat bookings for event after event, and that includes private parties for Royalty.

Mark Cosby is one of our most popular artistes, performing intriguing close up magic with mind reading as a spectacular cabaret act. Fluent in all magical disciplines, Mark is also a popular choice as a consultant, devising illusions for sales promotions and conducting magic workshops for team building seminars etc.

Philip Escoffey, known as ĎThe Grey Maní knows what you are thinking! Everyone is an accomplice, continually telling him what he needs to know. They just donít know they are doing it!

Amanda Muden is Londonís premier female magician. With mix & mingle and comedy in her repertoire she is truly a versatile and unique performer sure to leave a smile on your face.

Not forgetting the exciting and modern approach of TV stars, such as Alistair Cook, Jonathan Goodwin and Pete Firman from  Channel 5ís Monkey Magic show, or Nigel Mead resident magician on Nickelodeon TV, and star of "Freaky" on Channel 4.


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